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Submission Policy


ATTENTION, please note:  Studio 51 does not accept, pitch, promote, handle or help any type of vocal talent. Please do not send us your vocal demos for they will not  be returned, commented on or forwarded.

Currently we are not accepting new material. Our next project will be in spring of 2017. Please check back at that time.

Any submissions between now and announcement of the new program will be archived until the new project is underway. We will review and notify all those who have submitted at that time.

Studio 51 Music does not accept unsolicited music directly into our catalog. Instead, we audition composers for inclusion into our composer team. Composers may submit demos for consideration under the following rules:

Demo inquiries should be sent via e-mail to

  • Studio 51 Music will only accept demo links to music such as soundcloud, websites, or other online venues
  • Studio 51 Music is not accept any attached files such as MP3
  • Composers should allow ample time for Studio 51 to review their demo selections. This process will guarantee a response over a period of time. If you have not heard from us please be patient, you will.
  • Studio 51 Music is a strictly exclusive content provider, and all music accepted by our client libraries remains exclusive in perpetuity
  • As a result of our exclusive/in perpetuity status we require transference of copyright to any piece placed within a client library
  • Composers may withdraw any music submitted to Studio 51 Music after a six-month holding period if that particular piece of music is not accepted by a client library